And Mencken smiled…


H.L Mencken must be smiling upon the American electorate from his well-deserved resting place.

A new Rasmussen poll was released late yesterday, 26 January.  The results are, well…stupefying.  Here are some highlights:

  • 59% of Americans worry that the Democrat Congress and Prez Obama will increase spending “too much” in the coming year.  (Well give me a big “No shit Dick Tracy”!)  A full 61% expect government spending to increase.
  • 31% expect their taxes to increase – still a minority, but a plurality in the poll and double the number (16%) who felt that way during the election.
  • Only 45% support the Obama-Reid-Pelosi stimulus plan, while 64% say tax cuts should be a priority.   (Sorry folks, but that train has left the station.) And, probably related
  • A minority (45%) approve of Obama’s performance so far.  (Hell, his chair in the Oval Office isn’t even warm yet!)

So what does this poll tell us…other than the U.S. is far too generous with the right to vote?  While a multi-page rant may be justified here, I will simply quote the aforementioned H.L. Mencken: 

“Democracy”,  he wrote 75 or so years ago, “is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Ain’t it the truth?

Enjoy the next four to eight years, suckers.

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