Name that Leftist —

Today I thought we’d play a little game called “Name that Leftist”!

Following is a quote — similar I’m sure to some you’ve heard several times before…perhaps even in a popular recent “documentary”.

QUOTE: “The abuses of our system, the lack of decent medical system, the oil companies and their undisguised indifference to public needs, the complacency about the poor, the utter inability of those who are oppressed to recognize their own condition…Have the Cubans given up their personal freedom to get material security? Nothing I have seen yet suggests that…I can see nothing of value that has been lost by the revolution. The revolution has released enormous potential and liberated the Cuban spirit.”

OK…Who wrote it? Think hard…

Could it be…Jane Fonda?

No, not this time…

Might it be…one of the Baldwin brothers?

You’d think maybe, but no…

Hey, it sounds an awful lot like…Michael Moore?

Well yes, it sounds exactly like Michael Moore, billionaire hater of everything American…

But, no…

Give up?

It is from the diary of Walter Kendall Myers, arrested this morning for spying for Cuba for the past 30 years.

The scandal is that it could just as easily been written by any of the celebrities mentioned above (they have written and/or said worse), or just about any Democratic member of Congress.

And that is just plain plain sad.

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