Ten not so bad Ideas…

There seems to be a zillion or so sites on the web these days with various lists of “ten commandments”, personal and otherwise. Not really being big on the whole “command” thing myself, I thought I would offer up for your consideration my…

TEN not so bad IDEAS

For the 21st Century

One cannot be Free, who would deny Freedom to others;

It may be commendable to have a personal belief or moral code, but attempting to impose it on others never is;

Those we cannot learn to Love we must learn to Tolerate;

All human progress depends on Reason, Evidence, and Good Will;

Government is not your friend, sooner or later it will cause you harm;

To do Good to a Stranger is the greatest Good one can do;

Anything a clergyman says is probably false;

Faith is not only the worst attribute a person can have, more oft than not it is also the most dangerous;

Humankind is but a small part of the web of life, but what we do to any other part of that web weighs heavily on our survival;

We are made of Star Dust, if we live our lives in celebration of that fact the World will be an infinitely better place.

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