WTF is this?

I haven’t had a Coke (or any other soda) in about 8 years, I gave it up as part of a diet that helped me lose 40+ pounds.

Now, however, I wish I hadn’t…just so I could quit in protest.

Coca~Cola has just become a “Corporate Partner” with Ken freakin’ Hamm’s “Creation Museum”. What can the folks in the corporate Puzzle Palace in Atlanta be thinking?

Might this just be the beginning of a wider campaign? What coup might the Coke folks execute next?

Maybe they could become corporate sponsors of the Society for Baby-Delivering Storks.

Then again, I’m sure that for a reasonable sum they could get their corporate logo prominently displayed on the Institute for the Study and Advancement of Alchemy.

Ooh -ooh…here’s one…they could underwrite a special daily segment on Oprah – “Your Daily Horoscope with Coke”.

There’s really no limit how low they could sink, now that they’ve begun their descent.

Then again…the brains behind this do all live in Georgia. Perhaps they actually believe they are backing real science.

Whadda ya think?

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  1. I guess I need to switch to Diet Pepsi.Mixter

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