The Bloody Trail of the Christian Cult of Death…

Yesterday I responded to yet another tiresome Rod Dreher blog entry blaming Atheists for the Holocaust and all the other evils of communism, fascism, etc. Basically, I called him a liar.

Dreher is an educated man, fully capable of researching and discerning the facts of such matters, but has chosen to not. Instead, he insists on perpetuating half-truths and lies in order to prop up his own particular brand of superstition. Enough is enough.

As part of my response to his blog, I briefly pointed out that Hitler was raised a Catholic, claimed to be a Catholic, and often denounced Atheism. Further, Hitler could not have carried out his murderous pogroms without the at least the tacit support of the German people, almost totally Christian, mostly Lutherans and Catholics. Finally, the reason the German people went along so readily was because of the almost 1500 year history of the demonizing and persecuting of Jews by European Christians, due to their churches’ official and consistent blaming of the Jewish people for the execution of Jesus.

The Holocaust was, quite plainly, merely an amplification of Christian beliefs and policies going back fifteen centuries.

I point this out because of the attack at the Holocaust Memorial yesterday. The media has gone to great lengths to paint the attacker as a racist and right-wing militia-nut…which is all true. What they have ignored is his equal fascination with the same strain of Christianity that enabled the Holocaust and similar outrages throughout history. Reportedly the killer’s website made the connection quite clear, unfortunately that site has now been blocked by someone.

There are those reading this who will still refuse to accept the clear connection between Christian beliefs — many of which were mainstream for most of the church’s history — and such disasters. Perhaps you may find it informative to take a quick detour here. The disgusting things you will see there are not at all dissimilar from the writings of Martin Luther, John Calvin, or scores of Catholic popes, bishops, and thinkers over the centuries.

Christianity, although it has worked feverishly to clean up its image over the past 50 years, remains a death cult in more ways than one. It is a history it cannot escape.

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  1. Hello JohnThey say politics makes strange bedfellows. I guess that is true. Altough I'm a believer, I too am a Libertarian. (by name only, who the hell can we really vote for?) Age is a funny thing, the older I get the more I understand Atheism, yet somehow feel an even closer bond with God? I think it is because the Bible is very complex and confusing at times, then seems so clear and precise at others?My wife was born in McAllen TX. her grandma just died and she is actually in flight to McAllen as we speak. She is one proud Texan, but aint you all?James says "What is life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.Have a nice weekend, If I can find my way back here, I'll visit again. Peace out, feeno

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