Mr. Deity nails it —

Covers almost all the bases on this one…


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2 responses to “Mr. Deity nails it —

  1. Actually Feeno, ALL the claims in the video about conflicting verses, stories that are provably false by historic fact, and more, are accurate.Your bible is FILLED with inaccuracies – that you yourself could verify if you took the time or interest.FACT – There was no "slaughter of the innocents.FACT – There was no "census" under Augustus.FACT – Herod died BEFORE Quirinius was governor of Judea.FACT – Nazereth did not exist as a town until the mid-second century.FACT – The two lineages of Jesus conflict in important way.I could go on. But the real truth here is that for whatever reason you have found comfort in the myths and worldview of bronze-age, cattle-herding, desert primitives. There is ample evidence to disprove almost everything in the bible, but you have chosen to remain ignorant of such evidence. Your choice, it's a free country. But you come across as a real ass when you look down your rather uninformed nose at those who have taken the time and made the effort to learn the truth.

  2. John,I can imagine a bunch of Atheists sitting around a computer somewhere in their parents basement eating this video up, it might be giving them "hope" and help them continue their delusion. And yes, it might even be funny if any of it were actually true. Granted maybe some of the last 5 minutes did have some truth to it? But I wouldn't know 'cause I turned it off after the first 3. It was the same old tired, worn out dribble that has been answered time and time again.It's videos like this that helps keep the Atheists numbers sky rocketing way up there in the 3 percent category. Hope all is well in the great state of Texas.I know you'd be happy for me, I knocked in the tying and winning run Mon. night in the last half of the last inning to beat the previously unbeaten and first place team.Peace be with you, feeno

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