The Crux of the Issue

In spite of the feigned emergency on the part of PBO and the Marxist left, there are only about 10 million Americans who need and want health insurance (as opposed to healthcare, which is available all the time), about 3.3% of our population. The rest of the “uninsured” are composed of about 26 million (mostly young) who can afford health insurance but have chosen to not purchase it and 12 million illegal immigrants.

The real issue therefore becomes whether we create another huge entitlement program, raise taxes, and run ever larger deficits in order to give the Federal government control of the 74% of the healthcare industry it still does not dominate, or whether we limit our focus to those 10 million who really need help and at the same time institute market reforms to improve the affordability of insurance and healthcare for everyone else without bankrupting our nation and burdening future generations.

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