Living in Pre-Rational America

When speaking and writing, I often refer to the place and time in which I find myself as “Pre-Rational America”. In as much as I have been both queried and challenged as to my use of that term, allow me to offer the following evidence for my assertion:

According to a Harris poll:

82 percent of adult Americans believe in God,

79% believe heaven is a real place,

75% believe in angels,

Not only do 74% believe that Jesus is God or the son of God, but 72% accept the resurrection as fact and 60% that he was born of a virgin,

69% believe the soul survives death and 62% think both hell and Satan are real,

41% believe in ghosts,

35% in UFOs,

31% in witches,

29% in Astrology, and

21% in reincarnation.

Contrast all this to the fact that only 42% of Americans accept Evolution by Natural Selection as fact, and you are well on your way to understanding why I hold today’s Americans in such disdain.

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One response to “Living in Pre-Rational America

  1. If I had to "disdane" someone, dumb people would be near the bottom of my list. 31% believe in witches.69% don't watch the "View".Peace brah, feeno

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