Incredible, Really…

A few posts back I wrote of my bout with PCa and the importance of guys getting regular PSA checks. Incredibly, someone chose that post to leave the following comment:

DM said…

the atheist sins not only against God, but also against man…

Atheist: have you for but a moment considered that you have adopted a position against 98% of the human race, both past and present?

do you think you are RIGHT and they are all WRONG? WRONG

now listen to this arrogant puffed up son of a b***h….

little scientist geek who would try to usurp God Himself!!!


you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

04 JANUARY, 2010 23:58

The first thing that stands out of course is “DM’s” intellectual paucity. Unable to frame a coherent thought, much less a logical argument, he (she?) staggers back and forth between name-calling and linking to sites where one can only suppose someone else has done a better job at offering up at least a modicum of rational discourse.

I wonder if “DM” realizes the more than 1/6 of the worlds population – and almost the same fraction here in the U.S. – do not believe in a god of any kind. I doubt he has any awareness of the facts, given his groundless “98%” claim.

But the most glaring sign of the type of person with whom we are dealing is that the coward is even afraid to identify himself, going so far as to link to an empty blogger id.

Quite a person – eschew reasoned debate, call names, then runaway and hide, probably in his mommy’s basement. Yep, sounds like a true Christian soldier to me.

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  1. 'Sup BrahAnd I was worried about you. Your back and better than ever. Yeah I read that and even clicked over to the sight, but to tell you the truth I couldn't make heads or tails out of what he wanted us to learn? I'm not sure of the numbers when concerned with atheism? But considering 1 of every 5 people on earth is Chinese what they think could skew everybodies stats?Glad your back. Peace. feeno

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