It’s Begging to be Said…

Something needs to be said and damn, I’m just the person to say it.

“Social Conservatives” are not Conservatives. Period. They’ve corrupted the word.

Sure, they give lip-service to concepts like liberty, small government, and lower taxes, but they cannot be taken at their word, not for one second.

A real Conservative wants smaller government and maximum freedom every time and in every possible way. Real Conservatives are not concerned with who a person loves, what they choose to imbibe, what books are on the library shelf or movies playing in the local theatre, or what “instruments” any of their fellow citizens might keep in their nightstand drawer.

Real Conservatives do not believe in taxing their fellow citizens to prop up foreign dictators, initiate the “second coming”, or send young Americans halfway around the world to force democracy or Christianity on others.

Real Conservatives cherish and defend the Constitution, the whole Constitution. They would never pick and choose those parts convenient to their cause while ignoring those parts that might prove problematic for their goals.

In short, “Social Conservatives” are more correctly referred to as Theocrats, willing, even anxious, to use the power and purse strings of government to force their personal morality and beliefs on their fellow citizens while at the same time promoting their own religious agenda on courthouse walls, over school public address systems, and in other public – meaning taxpayer funded – spaces.

Barry Goldwater was a Conservative. Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, and most everyone else claiming to be these days, are not.

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