The Parade of Jobs. And vice versa.

So I’m casually scanning an article in Sunday’s Parade Magazine about how much money people make, mostly because I’m an Atheist and my life is therefore devoid of all meaning.

The first thing I notice is an attractive lady from MA who is a “Career counselor” and who earns $33,700. Now maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you be just a little hesitant to take career advice from someone making south of 40G? “Our tests indicate you have an innate ability to master the complexities of quantum physics, and there are great jobs open for greeters at Wal-Mart.”

Then there was the young lady from UT who listed her job as “Modern dancer” and her annual income as $23,000. OK. Who wants to bet she voted for Obama and is just thrilled with the free healthcare she has coming so she will be able to continue to pursue her dream? Of course somewhere out there is someone far less thrilled about being forced to finance her fantasy, but hey, redistribution is what Obamaville is all about.

C. Frog Price of AL comes in a $0, plus unemployment, since he was laid of from his job as an ad sales manager last summer. Froggy cannot understand why it is so difficult to find another job in his chosen field. I suggest that Froggy look in a mirror, and then give some thought to losing that “been lost in the Northwoods for going-on four years” look.

One Sonia Sotomayor earns $208,100 as a U.S. Supreme Court justice. Nice work if you can get it, and based on recent appointments (and rumors of appointments) apparently you can get it providing you are unaware that the United State is a Constitutional Republic.

Another interesting thing about the list: among the highest earning folks in the report are TV and Hollywood types that are darlings (and advocates) of the left. I wonder why we never hear complaints about the multi-tens of millions of dollars pulled down by people who slide through life, well, pretending to be someone other than who they are? Did you ever hear a call from Obama for a Czar to oversee Hollywood salaries?

Some ex-football player named Michael Vick gets paid $1,600,000 a year by the Philadelphia Eagles, one would guess to keep him from playing for some other team.

In RI we find a 33 year old male whose calling in life is as a “barista”. It sounds cool, I guess, but at 20 grand a year can the time be far away when his mother tells him to find a real job and get the hell out of her basement?

Last and surely least is the lady minister in the Midwest “earning” a full $5,800 for doing her deity’s heavy lifting. Being a market oriented person, I can only observe that her pay is simply the market’s judgement on what her life’s work is worth.

I could go on, the pickings are ripe, but what’s the point? Besides, I have a Satanic Brotherhood baby cook-off in another hour and I need to change costumes.


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2 responses to “The Parade of Jobs. And vice versa.

  1. So glad you enjoyed my look of yesteryear!!! Only problem is thta since the day I got out of the US Navy that has been my UNIFORM of choice. Currently, I am the Chief Algebrationist at Algebrations Tutoring of St. Clair Couty Alabama! I own the company and deal with students every day! The money is GREAT! The conditions are wonderful!
    AND OBAMA CAN STILL SUCK MY BIG WHITE……. nope, change that! I dont want that mutherfucker anywhere around me. HE BREEDS IGNORANCE!

  2. Very funny post, Sir. I wish you had continued through the list stopping right before Tim L. of TX. Perhaps Ancient Dance is more lucrative.

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