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Mea Culpa. Sort of.

Ok, so I am usually critical of government, government programs, and especially government employees.  I need to slightly modify my schtick, and here’s why:

Last week I put a hold on our mail delivery because we were planning to spend this week in Key West.  Then, on Christmas, my mother-in-law died and the trip was off.

Consequently, on Sunday, I cancelled the hold mail request.

Monday no mail came.  Ok, it may take a while for the cancellation to make its way through the system.

Tuesday, still no mail.  Hmmmm…

Today, our mail carrier whizzed by our mailbox again, so I flagged her down.  No, she reported, she had not gotten word of the cancellation, but would start our delivery tomorrow.  Government.

An hour ago our doorbell rang; it was our carrier, with her private vehicle and on her way home for the day, dropping off our accumulated mail.  Damn!

Is there any way just to make this woman President for life?

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Liberty vs Big Government: An Insight from The Advocates for Self-Government

Libertarians have lots of great answers to political questions.

Sometimes, however, it’s better to ask questions instead of giving answers. Asking the right question, or asking a question in the right way, can stimulate mind-opening insights.

Here’s one example of a great question, from Wall Street Journal editor John Fund.

Suppose someone is talking about the need for a major government role in providing for the poor. Instead of lecturing the person (which could start an argument and put the person on the defensive), try asking this question:

“Imagine you won the lottery or otherwise came into a large sum of money, and you wanted to help the poor. You could give $100,000 to a private charity of your choice. Or you could write your check to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Which would you choose — and why?”

Virtually no one chooses government! And in answering the question, people convince themselves of the advantages of charity over government.

Questions make people think. It’s amazing how often people will come up with the libertarian answer to a problem, if you give them a chance. And if they do so, they are more likely to accept that answer.

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Kill the Freaking Goose. Screw the Barnyard.

Some folks would rather strangle the golden goose than lift up the entire barnyard.

Purportedly the friends of the working class and down-trodden, once again the Pelosi Left in the House of Representatives has exhibited its true colors.
Presented with the opportunity to reach a number of their prized goals (or what they claim to be their prized goals), the Pelosi-ites instead reverted to their time-honored tradition of not just wealth envy, but a visceral hatred of the wealthy.
As a result, taxes will increase on the working poor by 50%, benefits will not be extended for the chronically unemployed, and scores of millions of lower and middle income workers will not see an economy-stimulating 2% reduction in their payroll taxes.  All…all willingly sacrificed in order to punish our nation’s most productive and successful citizens.
Why not raise taxes on these wealthy few, moan the envious enemies of getting ahead, after all they represent such a very small minority.  
To which one must logically respond:  If the numbers are so few, why not forgo using them for political whipping things and instead help the much larger number you claim to care so much about? No need to respond; we all know the answer.

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