The Incredible Shrinking Progressive Mind…

Last evening I engaged in the following “conversation” with an extreme Liberal on Facebook.  In addition to the errors I point out below, Mr. Stone also under-guessed (He obviously made no effort to discern any facts) the Federal excise tax on gasoline, which is $0.184 itself. (I overlooked that fact in my original comment, I’ll plead a combination of the lateness of the day as well as my incredulousness with the gentleman’s complete intellectual vacuousness.)   Please note especially the claim of Mr. Stone that anything that wasn’t state or federal excise tax was “profit” to the company.  This is the total lack of education and logical thinking we are dealing with as we strive to rebuild our nation.  It may be hopeless.  

This morning Mr. Stone “unfriended” me.  His loss, not mine, because he  gave up the only  connection to fact and common sense he apparently had.

John Stone  Today – Tue Feb 22, 2011 — Up again! Look at diesel prices. 
Here in Nevada 85% of the gas price is PROFIT – Only 15.5 % is state, county & Federal taxes

Omar Mack Its crazier than you think. Check gas price tracker at
Diesel is over $4 here in parts of San Diego

John Stone DAMN!!!!!!! And it is gonna keep climbing as long as teabagers/gop keep charging ahead!

John Eli Shuey ‎”Profit”? John, you are an idiot! What about the cost of exploration, recovery, transportation, refining, and distribution? What about the cost of the (station) building, and its taxes? What about the labor costs? What about employment, real estate, and income taxes? Did you know, did you care, that the profit margins of oil companies is slightly lower than the average profit margin of all S&P 500 companies? Do you even know the difference between selling price and profit margin, or gross profit and net profit? You and your progressive friends are freaking ignorant!

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