Another trip through the environmental looking glass.

So President Greenjeans, always anxious to steer our nation in a new direction, whether it’s a proper direction or not is immaterial so long as it’s new enough for him to take credit for it, pushed his company, Government Motors, to spring into production of the Volt, an electric automobile for which there was little market and none of the necessary infrastructure.  Now we have the Volt, or Government Motors has it to be precise, and everything is going along swimmingly except for one minor issue, which is no one wants to plunk down 45 grand for an automobile the size of a tight jacket.

The price of course is one thing, the size and lack of infrastructure are others.  But the real kicker can be found in a study done by a fellow by the name of George Hoffer, a professor of business at the University of Richmond who specializes in the automobile industry, whatever that means.  Anyway, the professor did a financial analysis comparing the cost of owning one of those Volts with the cost of owning one of those awful, environment-destroying, gasoline-burning compacts, a Chevy Cruz, which is manufactured and sold by the very same Government Motors.

What Professor Hoffer’s study concluded was that a person would have to drive the Volt a momentous 209,900 miles before any savings realized, including the massive and shameful government subsidies involved, would equal the cost of driving the Cruz.  209,900 miles, or roundtrip across America roughly thirty-eight times.  It wants to take one’s breath away.

It goes without saying then that for the foreseeable future Government Motors is stuck with the Volt, and we taxpayers are similarly stuck with forking over large subsidies to tree-hugging liberals with no sense of proportion.  Not to mention millions of shares of stock in said company which are worth today less than the day they were issued.  Is government wonderful, or what?

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