A note to Ron Paul supporters….

It’s over folks. Congressman Paul has once again been shunted aside by Republican insiders and the lamestream media.  Any further investment of your time or money will end up accomplishing nothing of lasting importance.  I am sorry to be so blunt, but the facts are the facts.

How then to keep the message of Liberty alive through the general election?  The only answer to that is Gary Johnson. With the money and breadth of volunteer help that RP has enjoyed, Governor Johnson would be able to participate in the Presidential Debates and have a real, and potentially long-lasting, effect on American politics.

You need to choose now whether the message you care so much about reaches the maximum number of people possible, at the time they will be paying the most attention to politics and America’s future.  Unfortunately Ron Paul will not be in a position to deliver that message.  Governor Johnson will.

Please visit the Gary Johnson website today, and make a donation and pledge some of your time.  The future of Liberty depends on it.


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2 responses to “A note to Ron Paul supporters….

  1. I understand. I feel that it is only during electoral campaigns that most people pay attention to any issues at all, and so it is during these periods that the greatest impact might be realized. Thus my little opinion piece.

  2. I'm not convinced that liberty can be increased through politics or voting, but I do think some people can be awakened to liberty through political campaigns- I just hope they don't stop there.

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