Real Money…

A Libertarian friend, Jeffrey Jones, sent me the following info. It portrays as well as anything I have seen the awful impact out of control government spending and a money-printing Federal Reserve have had on our real wages and inflation. Imagine how much better off we’d be today if we were paid in gold, even without receiving a raise over the past 50 years.  

Average wages in 1959: $5,016 – or 143 oz. of Gold

Average wages in 1977: $15,000 – or 120 oz of Gold

Average wages in 1999: $28,970 – or 104 oz of Gold

Average wages in 2008: $41,335 – 53 oz of Gold

And they say Ron Paul is nuts!

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  1. I recently sold something for $2.50 that I was asking over $60 for. And I was happy with the deal. The thing is, I was paid in pre-1965 quarters that are 90% silver.It's like the gas station I saw on the news a while back that was selling gas for 20 cents per gallon- as long as you paid in pre-1965 dimes or quarters.Real money keeps its value- counterfeit money, including that printed or electronically created by the Federal Reserve, doesn't.

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