It Does Raise a Question…

One of the programs financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks to provide birth control information and means to 120 million poor women world wide.  One doesn’t even have to pause for the smallest sliver of time to think  whom it might be is ranting in violent opposition to such a noteworthy and noble effort.

Of course.  The Holy Roman Catholic Besmirched. Because being responsible for one’s personal sexual health and family planning is an unforgivable mortal sin.  One Catholic website, the inaptly named, has frequently published diatribes against Gates, calling into question her faith, and calling her plan a “blatant attack on Catholic sexual morality.”

Consider just that final phrase if you will: a “blatant attack on Catholic sexual morality.”  Now remember if you will the hundreds of thousands of children over the decades that Catholic clerics have raped, and the decades (if not centuries) long official effort of the Catholic Church’s bishops, cardinals, and Popes to cover up that abuse for no other reason than public relations (and, quite probably, to keep the money flowing), and we get a pretty good idea of exactly how immoral and disgusting “…Catholic sexual morality” really is. 

Add to said sad state of affairs the Church’s position on condoms to fight AIDS in Africa, and in opposition to disease-curing stem cell research, and all I can conclude is this church and its criminal gang haven’t been attacked often, nor severely, enough.  What do you think?

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