Old Habits We Need to Break

I know some of will not want to hear this, but it is the truth.  And time is running out.
There will be no more change between the policies of a President Romney and a President Obama than there was between Obama and Bush the Younger.
Deficits and debt will continue to grow (Debt plus unfunded liabilities now approaches 70 TRILLION dollars, 30% more than the net worth of all of our citizens combined), foreign adventures will not cease, our basic rights will continue to be eroded, and government will continue to grow in size and its power over us.
Yet, people will frantically vote for Romney, or Obama, in order to keep the other from being elected.  WE are to blame for this mess because this is the way we have been voting for generations, voting from fear rather than for the principles upon which our Republic was founded.
If either of these two men is elected, our debt to GDP ration will exceed Greece’s in just six more years.  A vote for either is a vote for hyper-inflation, monetary collapse, or both.
Please check out www.GaryJohnson2012.com.  We are not going to get many more chances.

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