This year the “Wasted Vote” excuse does not apply.

2012 could be a watershed year in American politics.  Not since 1992 have Americans had a better chance to send a message to the power brokers, politicians, and out of touch bureaucrats who seek to dominate our lives.

Some look at the results of the ’92 election as one where George Bush the Elder was denied reelection because Ross Perot was able to garner 19% of the vote.  To be sure, Bill Clinton was swept into power, but think of what followed.

The GOP was forced to turn on a dime and pay attention to the disaffected middle, something it had not done in decades.  The 1994 GOP revolution and the Contract with America were conceived in Bush’s defeat, and brought us tax reform, welfare reform, and a host of other improvements that would not have occurred had Bush won in ’92 and been the sitting President.

The downside of course is that by 2000, Republicans had by and large forgotten the lessons of ’92 and ’94, opening the floodgates for the most profligate White house – Congressional collusion in American History.  Except for the past four years of course.

Which gets me to my point:  There is no discernible difference between this year’s Republican nominee and the sitting President on any issue of significance to America’s future. Whether it is the refusal to consider any real tax reform, halting taxpayer largess to the largest banks and wealthiest corporations, agreement on NDAA – which in case you were asleep at the time permits one man to suspend any and every American citizen’s fourth, fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights at his whim, and have them held without charges or trial by the military for as long as he deems fit – the inability to recognize the failure and incredible cost in spending and lives of the 45 year old “War on Drugs”, dealing with the deficit and resulting crippling national debtor any other issue you care to name, a vote for Romney is a vote for continuing Obama’s policies, and likely raising him a bit.

It just doesn’t matter how you vote, or even if you bother.  Unless…

What if, recognizing the futility of continuing to affirm the inevitability of the Tweedle-De, Tweedle-Dum duopoly that sits astride our rights, pocketbooks, and future, we stood up as in 1992 and shouted “enough”!  What if, seeing that a vote for Romney and/or a vote for Obama were the real “wasted votes”, Americans turned toward a candidate offering a third way, and promising a genuine renewal of our nation.  What if, just one time, enough Americans, rather than wasting their votes on more of the same, cast their votes for Governor Gary Johnson?  Win, lose, or draw, a chilling message will have been sent to the”major” parties, and perhaps they will begin doing some of the things we elected them to do in the first place.  Or just maybe they will have to contend with a tough and no-nonsense American with the vision and the gumption to reignite our American dream.

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