If you care about America, all is not lost…

Face it my “lesser of two evils” friends, now that Romney has planted both feet in his mouth all the way up to his knees, he is tanking so badly in the swing states he needed to win that he will not win.  It is over. Kaput.

If you are an Independent, fiscally-conservative Democrat, or bona-fide small-government Republican, there is still a choice available however that matches your philosophy, hasn’t already screwed up the nation (or a state for that matter), and has an incredible track record as a two-term governor.

Still unsure?  Try this:

First…Head over to www.isidewith.com and take the (brief) quiz.

Then, stop off at www.garyjohnson2012.com and check it all out for yourself.

We still have a chance to make history and correct the disastrous course our nation has been set on.  The real choice is no longer between Barry Obama and Mittens Romney, it is between the disaster represented by Obama and Governor Gary Johnson. America is in your hands.

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