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What It’s All About

The target opening date for MaidPro Flower Mound has been set as 01 May.  For those who may have missed my Facebook announcement a few months ago, MaidPro Flower Mound will be owned and operated by wife Patricia Winning and yours truly, with an occasional assist from son John Michael. In light of the reelection of the most anti-business President in the history of our country, and the minions who hang on his every word and deed, I have decided to blog about those reasons why we decided to take on the risks and headaches of business ownership, and why we did not.

The easy part first:  We did not decide to risk more than $125,000 of our retirement funds in order to provide jobs for people, deserving or otherwise. Nor did we take said step in order to subject ourselves to the outrages and frustrations of dealing with state, federal, and local bureaucrats, and/or because we thought it would be fun to spend countless hours every month filling out forms and making payments to a half-dozen or more government agencies. To be explicit, we did not decide to move forward to be nice people, to contribute to society, to pay more taxes, to be good citizens, nor to keep puppies from crying.

At the age when most folks are dusting off the rockers on their back porches, we determined to start a new business solely for one reason and one reason alone: To earn money.  As much as we can, pure and simple.

Given the ongoing rape of senior citizens’ retirement accounts and pensions by the low or no interest policies of the Federal Reserve, all in support of their banking and Wall Street cronies, it was becoming obvious we needed to try something to jack up our return on investments.  Even with a reasonable nest egg, 3% to 4% returns just are not going to cut it, especially since those returns carry with them the risks of the stock market. Only by risking a portion of our funds in a business startup can we hope to come close to retaining the lifestyle we enjoyed during our working years, and so here we are.

Not only will we spend the above-mentioned princely sum to get our business up and started, as well as cover the losses every new business experiences early on, but I will work for no paycheck for a year, perhaps more, in order to see the business succeed. 

Neither President, Congresscritters, nor liberal know-it-alls are contributing anything to our efforts. “Society” is taking no risk, nor will it care if we fail. Government will not only be be a major cost item, but an obstacle to overcome if we hope to be successful. (We will eventually need to deal with more than a dozen different agencies at all levels just to open our doors.) In spite of this, big government types and liberals in particular will pontificate about how much we owe to them for any success we might achieve. To which I answer, “bull”.

We are building it, not with government’s help, but in spite of all the roadblocks it throws up. Should we prosper, I will thank no one but my wife and any small cadre of employees whose work contributed to our success. I especially will not thank Barrick Obama, who has not only never built anything, but has never had a real job in his life.

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