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Tyranny of the Asses

I have spent much of the day sparring with opponents of marriage rights. Almost to a person they claim it’s their rights being violated, as Christians, and citing the Bible as the source of our Constitution and nation.

In the hours since SCOTUS handed its decision down, I have not seen (read) one Christian use the words “love”, “tolerance”, “understanding”, or “equality”. All I have seen is vitriol directed at SCOTUS, Gays, Liberals, and Secularists. In my home state of Texas, County Clerks are in open defiance of the Court’s Order, as is the Governor and Attorney General.

Governor Abbott, Mr. Attorney General, and Christians everywhere, I have a mind experiment for you: In your statements, comments, and the like, substitute the word “equality” for the word “marriage”. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Sense anything wrong, or embarrassing? If not, you should.

You see, much of the language and and most of the arguments being put forth against equal marriage rights today are little more than a rehash of things we have heard before, and from many of the same circles. Two generations ago it was the outrage over another SCOTUS decision, Loving v Virginia. Same comments, same resistance, same excuses.

A generation earlier it was Brown v The Board of Education – identical howls, identical reliance on tradition and scripture in support of hatred.

And, lest we forget, a bit over 150 years ago pulpits across the South resonated with scriptural justification for slavery, along with the natural superiority of the “White Race”.

So Christians, and I single you out because you are the only ones screeching like stuck pigs, look in a mirror and understand this:

You are on the wrong side of history. Again. You are fighting a battle you will not, cannot win, a battle in support of injustice and hatred. You wrap yourself in the blanket of righteousness, but there is nothing at all righteous about your cause.

A certain segment of our populace has failed to learn the lessons of the Enlightenment, has failed to grasp the essence of our Constitution, or the rights which adhere to all simply by way of their humanity. They would deny to others that which they demand for themselves. It is sad, it should be embarrassing, and it must not be tolerated. Not today, not ever.

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