Disappointed With America

As I age, I become increasingly concerned for the America my grandchildren will inherit.  An exploding national debt which, when combined with astronomically high unfunded liabilities, can never be repaid and which already is destroying growth and future prosperity, combined with a policy of perpetual warfare, makes their futures far less promising then mine was at their age.

In addition to the very real threat referenced above, I am disappointed with:

* Political leaders, who continue to not only stand by while our Constitution is shredded, but at times gleefully assist in its shredding;

* Business leaders who, rather than innovate and battle competition, continually turn to government for protection, favors, and taxpayer subsidies;

* Religious leaders who, rather than celebrate their freedom to worship as they see fit, seek to impose their own interpretation of ancient books on their fellow citizens, thereby denying them the very liberties they claim for themselves;

* A citizen population that intentionally remains blissfully ignorant of its heritage and the basic workings of economics and finance, preferring to trade personal responsibility and even liberty for unattainable levels of security mixed with unparalleled access to the intimate details of celebrities’ lives.

* But what disappoints me most, is the present generation of college students/graduates (and professors), who no longer rally in support of such (classically) liberal ideals as equal rights, peace, or free expression, but instead wallow in self pity or even outrage over being exposed to ideas they don’t like or with which they don’t agree. College used to be an opportunity for growth, for exploring differing, even contradictory, ideas, and for learning the critical thinking skills necessary for sorting through them and arriving at truth. Sadly, no more.

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