The Muslim Dilemma

“Muslim Americans fear their religion will be demonized and Islamophobia will spread after a young Muslim couple was accused of carrying out one of the bloodiest mass killings in the United States.”

Those words introduced a recent story stating, rightly I grant, that most Muslims reject terroristic violence and do not support such activity.

Fair enough, even though if one grants the truth of that claim and accepts the sincerity of its proponents, it remains shallow and useless on its face.

There is no such thing as Islamophobia, Islam is the problem. Which is not to say all Muslims are a threat mind you, the spectrum of adherence to Islam among Muslims is probably much like the degrees of seriousness with which Christians at large adhere to Christianity.

But Islam clearly does call for the subjugation, one way or another, of all non-Muslims. It does classify women as second-class citizens at best, and mere chattel most often. It does demand the death penalty for gays, apostates, and blasphemers. It sanctions, by the example of its prophet, the marrying off of mere children to old men, effectively resulting in rape.

I would suggest that Muslims who are truly worried about their faith’s image must do more than merely lament the violence of terrorists, they must actively work to change their faith, including many of its foundational tenets. Plainly speaking, Islam as it exists today is incompatible with peace and civilized society and will forever remain so.

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